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Vedic Mathematics

These courses are unique which makes learning pleasurable, interesting & unforgettable. Our research team has made the ancient Vedic Maths modern by incorporating the modern technology.
Amazing Speed Maths / Vedic Maths is more systematic, simplified and unified method than conventional system. It is a mental tool for calculation that encourages the development, while giving the student a lot of flexibility, fun and satisfaction.

Vedic maths was discovered in the mid-1900s and has certain specific principles to perform various calculations in mathematics. But the question that arises is that is mathematics only about performing calculations? However fascinating it might be to calculate faster using Vedic mathematics tricks, it fails to make a student understand the concepts, applications, and real-life scenarios of those particular problems. This is the gap that Cuemath fills up. 

Cuemath follows a very simple step-by-step approach to build a strong mathematics foundation for students to learn the concepts rather than just understanding the calculations and memorizing them. Through our online classes and maths app, we try to build the skills that are required to perform better. Without understanding the logic behind a particular problem, calculations are actually of no use.

Benefits of Vedic Maths:

  • It helps a person to solve mathematical problems many times faster
  • It helps in making intelligent decisions to both simple and complex problems
  • It reduces the burden of memorizing difficult concepts
  • It increases the concentration of a child and his determination to learn and develop his/her skills
  • It helps in reducing silly mistakes which are often created by kids


1 Vedic Math-E-Magic
2 Two Basic Concepts of Vedic Mathematics
3 Multiplications with 99999 in Less Than 5 Seconds
4 Magic With 11
5 Multiplying By 12 (Without Using 12)
6 Subtraction at One Look
7 Checking Your Answers (Removing Silly Mistakes)
8 Multiplication of Numbers near The Bases
9 Multiplication by 5, 25, 50, 250, 500…..
10 Vertical & Crosswise Multiplication
11 Interesting Squares
12 Finding Squares in One Line
13 Fractions
14 Division
15 Digit Sums
16 Fractions
17 Decimals
18 Percentages
19 Squares
20 Divisibility
21 Long Division in One Line
22 Square Roots at a Glance
23 Cubes
24 Magic Division
25 Checking Divisibility by Prime Number
26 500 Years Calendar


27 Algebraic Multiplication
28 Factorizing Quadratic Expressions
29 Linear Equations in One Variable
30 Linear Equations (Special Types)
31 Simultaneous Linear Equations
32 Application of Vedic Math’s In Competition Exams
33 Speed Enhancement Test Papers
34 Vedic Math’s Sutras and Sub-Sutras
35 Vedic Mathematics Sutras (With Their Applications)